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  • The hand operated device type M600-1RD is designed for punching of holes in the wood slats
  • Device is equipped with one punching die
  • Possible production of any blinds size by simply repeating punching operations
  • Measuring device serves to set the slat lengths and hole positions
  • The tooling is adapted for 25mm, 35mm or 50mm widths of slat by easy changing dies
  • Adaptable for most wooden slats
  • Slats are cut by means of mechanical saw

Dimensions of the standard holes

(in relation to the slats width)

  • 25mm – 3x12mm
  • 35mm – 4x15mm
  • 50mm – 4x20mm

Special dimensions of holes available on request

Product Catalog


Please check our machine catalog  M420 M600/1RD

Machine Catalog M600/1RD.PDF

Technical data

Pen width 24mm – 52mm
Number of punch stations 1
Cutting a feather by hand with a chainsaw

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