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  • All holes punched simultaneously
  • Adaptable for most wooden or composite slats, 24-52mm
  • Quick and easy to change between slat widths and/or ladder type
  • Easy setting of length and stations
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Interchangeable punches in hole punching dies
  • Two punches supplied with each hole punch dies
  • Spare punches available
  • 216WAF can be upgrade to 216W-219W at later occasion

Additional equipment

  • Magazines for woven laddertapes*
  • Light fittings with tray or board*
  • Speed control
  • Spare parts kit
  • Service agreement

*Only possible on threading section (219W)

Machine Catalog 2015.


Please check our new catalog for 2015.

Catalog machine 2015.PDF

Technical data

216WAF 216W-219W
Slat width 24mm-52mm 24mm-52mm
Hole punch stations numer 4-6 4-6
Lifting/lacing stations numer 4-9
Min. distance to the first route hole 75mm 75mm
Min. slat lenght depends of magazine type. 300mm with ladder string, 380mm with cotton tape)
Power supply 3×230 / 50-60Hz
3x400V / 50-60Hz
3x230V / 50-60Hz
3x400V / 50-60Hz
Min. air preassure 0,6 MPa 0,6 MPa
Compressed air consumption 30 l/min. 30 l/min.
1×1 package manufacturing time 1min. 30sek. (25mm)
45sek. (50mm)
1min. 30sek. (25mm)
45sek. (50mm)

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