maszyny do produkcji plis


  • Fast production with high accuracy
  • Compact machine – less space required
  • Forming, punching, cutting and threading
  • All systems of venetian blinds production
  • Nonstandard blinds production (round, triangle etc.)
  • Side guiding hole system
  • Numerically controlled length of slat
  • Quick and easy change between slat witdhs
  • Slat coil holder with a constant slat tension
  • Quick setup of blinds dimensions
  • Automatic slats number calculation
  • Possibility to set another blind during machine work
  • Diagnostic through service window or Internet modem

Continuous readout

  • Productivity
  • Number of slats made
  • Number of cycles for each die or number of cycles each dies did machine


Product Catalog


Please check our machine catalog  M4000

Machine catalog M4000.PDF

Technical data

M4000 NC / NCS M4000 M / MS
Aluminium strip width 16mm, 25mm
35mm, 50mm
16mm, 25mm
35mm, 50mm
Number of punching stations 3 3
Number of cutting stations 1 1
Number of threading stations 5-7
(5 as a standard)
(5 as a standard)
Min. length of cut slats 300mm
less without threading
less without threading
Max. length of cut slats 3000mm,
3500mm, 4000mm
3500mm, 4000mm
Min. distance from slat edge to terminal hole 80mm
less without threading
less without threading
Speed of production 31 sec.
(1m x 1m slat package)
34 sec.
(1m x 1m slat package)
Control panel 10,4 inch.
colour touch screen
5,7 inch.
Punching dies setup automatic automatic
Threading stations setup automatic manual
Package lifting to second magazine level standard standard
Short blinds kit option option
Bar code reader option option
Power supply 3x400V / 50-60Hz 3x400V / 50-60Hz
Installed power 2,8kW 2,2kW
Compressed air 0,7MPa 0,7MPa
Air consumption 150 l/min. 150 l/min.
Net weight 440kg 395kg
Gross weight 655kg 610kg
Packing 2 wood boxes:
L=1600mm W=750mm H=1800mm
L=3650mm W=800mm H=1645mm
2 wood boxes:
L=1600mm W=750mm H=1800mm
L=3650mm W=800mm H=1645mm

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