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Currently, the production of M2000 has been replaced with M4000 automatic machine). However, they exist on market as used.

We provide spare parts, maintenance materials and service.


The automatic machine Magnum 2000 is designed for roll-forming, punching of holes, cutting of louver strip of 25mm or 16mm width to the desired length and for automatic threading of venetian blinds.


  • Computer control of feeding, punching and cutting
  • Automatic placing of threading stations
  • Automatic counting of slats number
  • Automatic counting of the ladders holes number in relation to the venetian blind width
  • Reader of bar code that enables to load data into machine
  • Possibility of punching additional holes in venetian blinds with side guiding

Catalog Machine 2015.


Please check our new catalog for 2015.

Catalog machine 2015.PDF

Technical data

Aluminium strip width 16mm or 25mm
Min. length of cut slats 500mm
Max. length of cut slats 3000mm
Number of punching stations 1
Number of cutting stations 1
Number of threading stations 6
Min. distance from slat edge to terminal hole 90-190mm
Capacity of machine 2 m2/min.
Bar code reader standard
Power supply 3×220/380V, 50Hz
Installed power 2,0kW
Air consumption 20m3/h
Cycle of work automatic Start-Stop
Net weight 350kg


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