Currently, the production of M200 has been stopped (they have been replaced with M410 series).
However, they exist on market as used.
We provide spare parts, maintenance materials and service

WS-01/16 Punching die
WS-01/16/6×2,5/Fix-S Punching die
WS-01/25 Punching die
WS-01/25/3×6-TP-H Punching die
WS-02/25 Cutting die


Fully automatic forming, punching and cutting venetian blinds machine.

  • Automatic roll former AP-1 for 16mm or 25mm slats widths
  • Variable speed control
  • Double speed
  • 4 punching dies
  • 1 cut-off die
  • 220/380V, 50Hz
  • 3000mm cutting/punching length (other length available on request)

Additional equipment

  • Additional dies
  • Dies and roll forming units for 25mm or 16mm
  • Slat box
  • Remote control

Machine Catalog 2015.


Please check our new catalog for 2015.

Catalog machine 2015.PDF

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