Symbol Description Technical drawing
MK-003 Aluminium rule for length measurement.
Serves to measure the length of head and bottom rail. Co-operates with punching unit MK-006. Common assembling on the table required. Precision of cutting +-0,5mm. The body made of aluminium.
 No technical drawing
MK-005/1/V13 Punching die for a side hole.
It serves to punch side hole in a head rail for the cord clock. Distance from the hole to the rail edge is determined by stop (limiter).
No technical drawing
MK-006/V13 Punching unit MK-006.
Serves to:
– cut head and bottom rail for measured sections
– punch round holes in bottom rail
– punch for bearing bracket in head rail

Co-operates with MK-014.No technical drawingMK-006/V13-AFour-operation rail punching die:
– head rail cutting
– head rail punching
– bottom rail cutting
– bottom rail punchingNo technical drawingMK-014Rack and pinion press.
Works with various rail tools, particulary with MK-006.No technical drawingMK-018Gripping unit.
Serves to clamp the sleeves connecting with tilt rod with flexible wand and metal tilt wand.No technical drawing