• M3000 automatic machine is designed for roll-forming, cutting for desired length, punching of holes in aluminium strip of 16 mm (15 mm) or 25 mm width,and for threading of venetian blinds.
  • The machine is adapted to produce all the venetian blinds systems presently offered on the market.
  • Equipped with two punching stations that allow punching the two types of holes simulataneously.
  • Possibility to diagnose the machine by service window in control panel or by internet modem.
  • Manual positioning of threading stations according to first made slat or to measuring tape fixed to machine body (short time of setting).
  • High accuracy of length and holes spacing obtained by using servo-drive for slat feeding.
  • Automatic lifting of produced blinds on top magazine level (option).



Automatyczne wynoszenie żaluzjiAutomatische Jalousieaushebung

Nietypowe możliwości produkcyjne

Untypische Produktionsmöglichkeiten

Control panel

  • Quick inscribe of dimensions of produced blind, automatic counting of slats number.
  • Possibility to programme six types of blinds, also during wor of machine.
  • Possibility to choose the system of spacing and number of holes and ladder strings in produced blind.
  • Possibility of continuous readout of the following useful parameters:

– capacity in m2/h,
– amount of aluminium strip used,
– number of made blinds,
– number of cycles made by individual dies.

Machine Catalog 2015.


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Technische Angaben

Jalousiebandbreite 16 mm (15 mm) oder 25 mm
Anzahl der Lochstanzstationen 2
Anzahl der Abtrennstationen 1
Anzahl der Montagestationen 4 – 7 (Standard 4)
Minimale Lamellenlänge 210 mm
Maximale Lamellenlänge 3000 mm
Minimaler Abstand des Randloches vom Lamellenrand 90 mm – 200 mm
Maschinenleistung 55 Sek. (Paket 1m x 1m)
Steuerpaneel Monochromberürungsbildschirm
Einstellung der Lochstation mit Hand
Lamellenaushebung Option
Leser für Strichcode Option
Energieversorgung 3 x 400 V / 50-60 Hz
Installierte Leistung 1,5 kW
Luftdruck 0,7 MPa
Luftverbrauch 20 m³/h
Nettogewicht 260 kg
Bruttogewicht 430 kg
Verpackung 2 Holzkisten:
L=1200mm, W=800mm, H=1670mm
L=3750mm, W=400m, H=800mm